14 July 2008

dear editor of the new yorker


come on. i'm a smart girl, love satire, love making fun of people's dumminess, and - to be completely frank - don't shy away from getting a good laugh at someone else's expense (including an appreciation when the butt of the joke is me). but i cannot, for the life of me, fathom what about your obama cover you found in good humor.

the people in this country are already struggling to be okay voting for the black guy, even if that guy happens to be sounder, smarter, and offering a better future for america. those americans, trying so hard not to fall victim to their own biases and fears, get those viral emails and hear stupid rumors about obama being a muslim, his wife hating america, blah, blah, you get where i'm going. and it's not funny because we, americans, have not come far enough in race relationships and enlightenment, generally. the struggle is a daily one for those of us trying to make a difference and there is nothing funny about your cover, not publicly, not to a stinging, scared america, trying to be okay with a changing world. sure, go behind closed doors and laugh at how stupid people are for believing the things they believe, but be smart enough to realize that these are serious issues faced by the campaign and america.

you're not funny, you're not cute, and you're way way wrong. i will give you props for proving that there really is such a thing as bad press, for what it's worth. it's just not funny. and it's so disappointing that a magazine of your stature could be so insensitive and dumb.

and while i will always be the first to tell you that great reward does not come without great risk, and kudos for taking it, but you chose the wrong risk. and it should cost you your job.

(in case you're wondering, i did send this letter to the editor)

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