19 July 2008

random friday

so, i think one of the first rules of blogging is to stay away from the keyboard when drinking. even further away when drunk. oops...

my original plans for the night involved a date with a boy who is probably doing the right thing for himself by canceling his plans with me. he probably feels like he likes me more than i like him, and whether or not that's actually the case, i cannot attest. i can't dictate his feelings on the matter. all i can say is that i like being single, i like making all the rules, and i like that i don't need anyone. i can see how that'd make it harder for boys, especially ones that aren't accustomed to have to work for their girl.

no matter... the point of this post was that my canceled date turned my night epically random. a girlfriend came over for a couple of hours of catch up (if you're not a close friend, be thankful, because if you think you don't get enough of me, imagine being my nearest and dearest who gets none of me), and then i walked over to domestic violence valley so bff and i could start the clock on what would inevitably turn out to be a good night.

once we decided on a place and eventually arrived, there were balloons, trannies and $4 beers. and only a short walk from his place (and mine), then an inability to decide between thai, vietnamese, and mexican for dinner that kept us starved. till jason rolled by in his prius, picked us up, and drove the next three blocks to 4100.

4100. it would be impossible to think of the place for anything but the best time possible. it's one of those bars where you're always talking to someone new or reacquainting with someone who was once new. it's where you go to have a good time, the place where the tab sometimes says $14 and others $145, where the unexpected (whether it be the bill or the proposition) is a promise, not a wish, and from whence someone is always stumbling home.

this time it's not me, even if it doesn't seem like it ;)

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