16 July 2008

facebook in nuts!

social networking sites are all the rage these days. and not without good reason...

it's an easy way to stay connected to the distant. a group of different friends' faces appear each time i visit the site, and i get a daily summary of what's going on in other people's lives, via their page updates. it's pretty amazing to reconnect with old friends from high school, college, law school, folks i know through organizations and experiences, and connect with groups of new friends and experiences, and to better tie myself in to the greater obama community.

today though, today was kinda weird. i met with a new obama group tonight, "la latinos for obama" (sidenote: i'm trying to figure out where i'm best suited for the la campaign, and the only way to do that is to know what's going on where). i got everyone's names so i can join their mybo groups and connect with them on facebook. in trying to go by memory, i typed in "lucia" (i couldn't remember her last name and assumed that she'd be the first one to pop up because we'd have at least one or two friends in common). she was the first lucia because we have six friends in common. but it was beneath her link that i found the most amazement.

dude, below that lucia were 11 other lucia's with at least 1 friend in common with me. 11 lucia's i don't know, but who do know one of my "friends". 11 (eleven). even crazier is that the 11 lucia's i don't know are friends with someone who i actually know, as opposed to some random person i connected to via facebook. i'm connected to lucia's in mexico, slovakia, new york city, raleigh/durham, upenn, france, unc, and right here in los angeles. that's crazy, right? like maybe a real six degrees of separation moment.

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