27 April 2010

multitasking tuesday

while my original plan was to work from home today because a funeral was going to wreak havoc on my commute, when i was still in bed for "morning becomes eclectic", the day seemed like it might be turning into a personal day. when i got the email that my adoption was going through and that scarlet would be arriving on friday (see three days from now), i knew a personal day was in order, as a million things were on the pre-arrival to-do list.

so i went to burbank. for gates, crates, food, treats, toys, and a leash. then i came home, put together said gates, before figuring out that they fit neither of my kitchen doors (one of the doors was too small, the other two big).

sidebar: i am no architect. and whilst i have a deep appreciation for puzzle-esque things, i was in no mood today (we'll blame it on the full moon this time), and it took every bit of self restraint i could muster to not destroy the gates. i'm practicing patience (and it is really f'ing hard!) for the arrival of my puppy. and yes, i said puppy.

i didn't really want a puppy. i wanted a dog a little bit older, a little more mellow, a little more house-trained. but alas, she chose me. she was in my flat, on the house visit last week, for less than 15 minutes when she shit on my just-washed bed. and i knew we were made for each other.

anyway... whilst battling gates today, i caught up with kbd-little. whilst driving back to burbank to switch out the gates for ones that will hopefully fit my door frames, i caught up with another dear friend (who is in the process of building utopia).

i then ran 4.5 miles.

after which, i met the judge and dr. dave for sushi (and sake).

and rushed home to find A REPEAT OF LOST!? (with only four episodes left, i consider this an abomination).

needless to say, i've had entirely too much going on today, so i think i'm going to turn off FAKE LOST and go to bed (at least i've got a kick ass book waiting for me), and dream about the mini-diplomat who will be joining my life on friday...



  1. What is wrong with you? How can you be so self-centered and irresponsible? You are adopting a PUPPY at the same time that you are talking about moving to a foreign country? Did you stop for a f*cking minute to consider the well-being of the dog? Or will you just dump the dog when it's inconvenient for you? This is sickening.

  2. someone needs an anger management class...

    as it turns out, many many foreign service officers have pets. where i go, she goes. and by the time i go, she will no longer be a puppy. i've done my research on foreign service pets, quarantine issues, and travel with dogs. further, i have thought a lot about this, and whilst i am most certainly self-centered, it's that whole responsibility thing i'm ready to tackle right now.

    and maybe if you had the balls to show up as someone other than "anonymous", the people in my life (the ones who actually do know and love me (as opposed to ones who probably thought they once knew me, but just show up here periodically to rant at me in ways not completely dissimilar from the way they did before i was smart enough to banish them from my life)) might be able to tell you that this is a good move. for my dog and me.

  3. Anonymous, I have a friend who was in the foreign service and brought his dog with him. It's absolutely feasible, and why do you assume that she hasn't researched this? The puppy is being adopted through a rescue group, and if you know anything about rescue groups, surely you understand that these groups vet every potential adopting family to make sure that they'll give a dog a good home. I think that pet adoption is a wonderful, generous thing -- the pet (currently being fostered or in a shelter) will have a home where she is safe, cared for, and loved. But you know what? I have no idea why I'm bothering explaining this all to you in a rational way. You just seem to want to leave a mean anonymous comment. Whatever makes you happy. But if you're so concerned about animal welfare, why not take some of the free time you're using to attack someone on the internet for taking in an unwanted dog and spend it volunteering at an animal shelter?

  4. Since the dog is the size of your pocket, it's going to make taking her everywhere all that much easier. I also love that you are adopting a dog and giving a special little girl the fabulous home that she desperately needs. Scarlett is a lucky pup whose going to get spoiled to high heaven. Good luck and congrats on her arrival today.