07 July 2010


my furniture came today. it got picked up on the 17th of june and arrived today. odd start to my morning, with an oil spill having closed my street, my dog rolling around in the sand that DDOT threw down to soak up the goo, and a wee-morning trip to the vet (dudes, my vet is two blocks from here. TWO BLOCKS!) before the movers arrived with my boxes of life.

my vet surprised me. he is younger than me, has removed those giant rings that stretch out the bottoms of ear lobes of former punkers, and was wearing a backwards baseball cap (i didn't catch the team) with shorts and a t-shirt. (incidentally, this is the DC i've been looking for!) he dug my dog (extolling the all-too-familiar "i usually don't like small dogs, but yours..."), explained the swampy impact of DC on pets with just the right hint of snark, and pulled up his facebook page to introduce me to his dog. in a word, my vet _rocks_!

came back to meet the movers. my firm went balls to the wall on this move. it's made a very complicated (see quick) move so much easier. but it's still moving. and moving fucking sucks. i've spent the entire day unpacking, organizing, getting my 1,000 square foot apartment into 650 square feet.

and it looks _uh_may_zing_!

i'm not done. there are still boxes a plenty, pile up on pile of , "what the fuck do i do with this?", pictures left unhung, coffee cups without a place, and more shit than i'm sure i've got space for. but the place looks great. my things look fabulous in here, and whilst we're a few days shy of _home_, we're most of the way there. and i couldn't have done it without sonya like lasagna and her beau derek.

it. all. makes. me. so. happy.

the journey into my new life is rocking: new city, new job, new home, new boyfriend. and for the first time in a really long time, it all feels right.


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  1. The first thing that I would've taken note of is the team on the baseball cap. What if your vet is a (gasp) Cubs fan?