15 February 2008

and in case it isn't clear, i'm endorsing obama

i am writing from los angeles, california to tell you why i support barack obama and why you should vote for the only candidate worthy of being the next president of the united states.

for the past several years, i have grown increasingly disillusioned, angry, and ashamed to be an american. i have watched our fascist leader ignore the will of his people and command an imperialistic march into and through a part of the world we should be approaching with diplomacy, kindness, and tolerance. i have referred to myself as, "an ex-patriot in the making" and have meant it as i opened my eyes to other parts of the world i might someday call home.

i am now beginning to reconsider my position. barack obama has inspired me to hope. he has inspired me to believe, to believe that i have the power to fight for the america i knew as a kid, and he has even inspired me to give up a lucrative law-firm job to join the campaign and do what i can to secure a brighter future for america - with obama at the reigns.

because of obama, i believe in america again and i want to follow his lead and do my part in making america great again. i hope you will do the same. all you have to do is believe...


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