14 February 2008

hillary's solution business

though i think it will ultimately fail, i also think it was a smart move by camp clinton to force obama into having to answer to them. the problem is that he won't run and hide, he will come back at them with the very answers they claim he doesn't have. and in addition to solutions, obama's got something more powerful than camp clinton can compete with.

it is the hope obama inspires and his opponent's assertions that it doesn't matter that will damn and destroy camp clinton. if more americans begin to feel as i feel, a great day in america is but a few elections away, an america where public service is given in exchange for an affordable education, where green collar jobs create a whole new industry that will revolutionize the world, an america that fights for injustice instead of money, an america that inspires pride in americans and people around the world. these are the things america needs right now and that's not what clinton can deliver.

it's like the naysayers are completely oblivious to the reality that obama is winning people over with every inhale of breath and exhale of hope. when he campaigns and gets out to meet and greet, he inspires us -the disillusioned, angry and ashamed, to believe that we can love america again. when he does that, he wins over lots and lots of the inherent clinton votes - the ones she possesses before the strategic campaigning begins. clinton has history, recognition, familiarity. she's a symbol for what we remember as a better time. those votes are hers to lose and she's losing them because she's not right for the future and america sees its brighter future with obama at the reigns. sure, he's the media's darling story, but it's one we all keep tuning in to hear more of and the one that has us rushing to the polls.

in the end it's all going to come down to whether or not enough people get high on the hope obama touts and enough people believe that america can be better if we make it better. when that happens, it's over for clinton. and it's certainly over for mccain. and for america, a bright new day will dawn.

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