12 February 2008

is hillary losing her mojo?

yeah, it's been a tough week for hillary clinton. i wouldn't want to be in her shoes, after the weekend sweep and losing virginia and dc (and about to lose maryland) today. that has to hurt, even after winning big in california and new york on super tuesday. the angst is in her voice, as well as her actions. it's in her speech tonight. even my favorite part of her stump speech, "green collar", is a teensy less enthusiastic.

further complicating things, hillary got rid of her campaign manager this week (though it's no surprise after the iowa debacle). the recognition that she needs to change the direction of her campaign, mid-campaign, with an upward moving barack obama looking back at her plateau, is a telling tale of the doubt plaguing that campaign.

and camp clinton should be scared. team obama is all the rage for a nation desperately wanting to believe in hope again.

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