25 February 2008

i took your advice. apartment is on craigslist. now packing for texas!

so… i posted a daily kos diary (my first) yesterday because i just left my job, and am deciding whether to stay in my field, help out/volunteer a lot for obama and other progressive groups, or take a chance and hit the road to volunteer on the campaign for the last couple of primaries.

as it turns out, i’m leaving for galveston, texas, at the end of the week. looks like training begins at noon on saturday, the work will continue through the primary/caucus, and i have no idea what to expect…

i met with the guy at team obama venice beach (they were advertising for an office manager position) and he, perhaps inadvertently, convinced me to follow my heart and all of your kind words of encouragement, and go for broke. he even made it super easy because that office is coordinating a trip to texas. so now i’m packing my car and hitting the campaign trail. yay!

i’m going to be staying with local obama supporters, along with my fellow texas-bound californians. i don’t know anyone, don’t even know the person i’m planning to road trip with. don’t know where or with whom i’m staying, don’t know exactly what i’m doing. i’m just going with eyes wide and my personal commitment to put all of my energy, excitement, inspiration, and dedication into the first week i spend campaigning for obama.

i have no real idea what to expect so if any of y’all have ever done this before and have any words of wisdom or advice for the novice, i’m all ears.

oh and for those of you who voted that i should go back to big law, i’ve got an interview tomorrow morning and another biggie is calling to schedule something post-campaign-adventure. see, i’m not crazy. i’m just not your typical risk-averse lawyer…

and just because big law wants a piece of me does not mean i’ll return for more of the same. who knows what will happen after this leg of my adventure. i may never leave public service…

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  1. Good luck! I envy you. Report back and let us all live vicariously through your experiences.

    Yes, YOU CAN!

    (found you from DKos)