25 February 2008

nader crowned king of douchebags

jesus christ, this guy just doesn't give up. and while i understand what he's doing (it's a good idea - fundamentally - to have a multi-party system), i cannot support the damage he causes by forcing his agenda at times too critical for the risk. i know he talked down the theory that the 2000 gore loss was his loss, but he's fooling himself. well he's certainly not fooling me and i think he's a fucking douchebag for running for president in this upcoming election (when there has never been a more critical election).

in 2000, gore lost florida (and subsequently the whole election because of florida) by 537 votes. nader took 97,488 votes in florida. it IS nader's fault that bush won in 2000. i don't care what nader says, i don't care what bush says, i don't care what gore says, nader cost the democrats that election and cost america its pride, glory, and success, by allowing the bushies to take the reigns and destroy everything that made america great. fucker!

and to be so blind to his part in the quagmire just pisses me off even more. nader sucks and i hereby take george w. bush's crown of shit to place it atop the head of our new king of douchebags - hail ralph nader.

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