19 June 2008

becoming a politico

so i dig politics. it's fun, interesting, intellectually stimulating and it's great to know some of those bombdiggity mo-fo's out there who tirelessly work their tails off, thousands of miles from home, living and eating with strangers for months on end, so we can have a better america. and because i can't live that life, i'm doing what i can here, to keep those races alive.

in a word, fundraising. raising funds is all about networking, exploiting the crap out of my contacts to get to their contacts, to get invited to places to meet more people, so i can find their friends who are interested in contributing time or money to political campaigns. and i possess the requisite skillset to get it done. i enjoy meeting people, i love talking politics with other informed and educated people, even if we disagree on nearly everything (and i'm trying really hard to contain my passion because i do want to understand the other side (even if it seems so foreign to me)), and i like coordinating events.

i hope y'all don't mind that i'm using you as sounding boards as i figure out what i want from this life. i may from time to time sound contradictory, but i am a woman and do reserve the right to change my mind at any time, and so long as i'm continuing to grow as a person, i will change my mind. i'll become a bit more aware and a bit more enlightened, but i kinda hope i never have it all figured out...for the journey is a wonder in itself...

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