17 June 2008

did the election turn lame?

i cannot stay interested in the news these days...

up until june 7th, i was all over the news, read several newspapers/blogs each day, tuned in faithfully to countdown every night, even watched dan abrams' show here and again, and spent my sundays glued to the tube, beginning with meet the press (i already miss you, tim russert), on to whoever else interested me. and then i'd blog the shit out of all the pieces of news i'd been ferociously consuming.

now i skim those same newspapers and blogs i couldn't wait to scour. now i have to make a concerted effort to stay focused during countdown (though i do still watch every day - almost). and now i have nothing to really blog about because, i'm sad to report, the election went from passionate, heated, and exciting to blah, blah, and blah.

it's because there's only one candidate with any umph, only one candidate anyone wants to hear, and only one candidate people rally to because they _want_ to support him. the other is a dead man walking, an old maverick still flying on the wings of his commendable sacrifices for a better america, but who's fervor for life and politics has been replaced by senility and ennui.

this race ended before it begun and i don't know how it is that we can keep the masses captivated. but we need to find a way. the media needs to find a way, the candidates need to find a way, and the surrogates need to find a way. let's make news if the media won't spin some for us, but there are way too many smaller races (e.g. charlie brown for congress in california's 4th) that need the enthusiasm of a united democratic party to win seats. and democrats need to respark our campaign(s) because we are going to need everyone involved when the time comes to get out the fucking vote!

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