09 April 2009

bat shits in foreign policy

tonight i went to the central library (which totally wow'd me, by the way. i mean, i'd never been in the library except as a shortcut to the bar at the standard. who knew it was so neato in there?) for a lecture on "how common sense can rescue american foreign policy". the speaker was this old articulate dude, smart as a whip, and had us eating out of the palm of his hand with his knowledge of history, foreign policy, and common sense.

except for one of us. we'll call him "crazy matrix dude".

so, the awesome old dude was talking about he believes iran will be america's greatest ally in the middle east within five years (fascinating, right?). to support his theory, he talked about iran's strong middle class, and about how they reacted to our 9/11 by mourning for and with us, while the rest of the middle east cheered in the streets.

and then crazy matrix dude yelled out of turn that 9/11 was an inside job. and he wouldn't let it go. and the library staff had to call security. awesome that people actually believe that crap and feel confident enough to bring it up in public, with an expert, in a room full of intellectuals.

and in addition to being bat shit crazy, he looked like the son of the unabomber. needless to say, we steered way clear of crazy matrix dude by bailing on the chance to meet old awesome dude...


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