11 April 2009

knowing what to do

i've gone through waves of certainty and then uncertainty in my quest to figure out where i belong for my next chapter. la or dc?

la is home. i love it here. and it's no secret that i like my life just as it is.

but when someone from the white house office of presidential personnel contacted me last week to find out if i'm still interested in working for the administration, i paused. i freaked out a little bit (i mean, that's fucking amazing!!!!!!!), and when i got past my ego's tribute to itself, i asked myself and all my friends (and i'd love your thoughts as well) what it is i'm supposed to do.

on the one hand, it doesn't mean anything that someone contacted me to find out if i'm still interested. maybe the white house is reaching out to everyone with a change.gov file. but it makes me stop and think about what's next for me.

and i think i've got to stay put. i've got a great life here, amazing friends, a great political team, i'm getting involved in another tough but right campaign, and i really feel like i have more to offer los angeles and california, than i do the country. at least for now...



  1. Probably wouldn't hurt to get more info... let them know that you could be interested depending on what position was available, but that you didn't want to upend your life to be a gopher.

    But given how long one can go in one's life w/out a progressive in the White House, I wouldn't dismiss this out of hand. We will still be here needing your energy and enthusiasm when you get back!

  2. Erm... i'm in the file and i didn't get a call, so... maybe you are special! :-)

  3. i for one am ecstatic that you are staying!

  4. I think that could be an incredible opportunity and LA will always be here when you're done. You could work there for a while, and then come back with more experience, more clout and greater savvy about the political arena. Politics seems to be what talks to you most thesedays and DC is about as political as you can get. See what they have to say and then decide.

  5. please don't leave la before i have a chance to see the musicboxsteps. i was hoping you'd take my photo near the plaque.