11 April 2009

gavin for gov

i can't help it. gavin newsom makes it impossible not to support him for governor of california.

i heard him for the second time tonight (and i loved how when he saw me he said, "oh no, not again" because of the impression i left last time we met - hehe!), and i love his passion, innovative strategic thinking, and his anger with the status quo (i mean, the guy went off on detroit, and mirrored my own furious sentiments). and even though he has invited some drama and controversy into his life, at times, he is getting things done politically (e.g. universal health care in san francisco).

he is smart, progressive, has a good sense of humor, seems open to the idea that we make mistakes and learn from them, and he has an aggressive plan for getting things done in a state that needs some real leadership. and i like him for the job, and i'm pretty sure i'd like to help him get things done.

what i don't like is wilshire boulevard. will someone please fix a fucking pothole already?


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  1. DUDE

    I FIXED IT!!!!

    IT WAS MY BROWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!