05 March 2010

ready to bounce

i walked out of the foreign service officer exam today, came back to the music box steps, and it hit me that i'm ready to go.

the test was. well. interesting? the general knowledge multiple choice is impossible. that shit, you either know or you don't. and sadly, i'm not sure i knew much.

the second section was about me, the types of tasks i've handled, the skills i've developed throughout my career, how i manage my time and handle my stress, and how well i work with people. how well i get on with folks from widely varying backgrounds. and just how much professional ass i can kick, generally.

followed by grammar. check.

and an essay.

once back on the music box steps, i realized i'm being considered for what is in every possible way, my dream job. i could make this into a major opportunity. by being a committed political and communications guru, on top of managing the members and planning conferences, i can help the organization grow. and that is awesome! and i will kick ass, because i believe in the work it's doing. and would be honored to be a part of it.

so, if i get the offer, and i can take it, i'm ready to pack. and just like everything else lately that makes so much sense it doesn't, being ready to bounce off these steps snapped in an instant.


p.s. maybe that dream's not about freddy krueger after all. thinking back, i always did foresee a 2010 spring with cherry blossoms...

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