06 March 2010

my dear evansville

back in 2008, i spent a coupla months in my homeland, working on the campaign that changed the trajectory of my life. and whilst it was definitely the campaign that ignited my belief that the world is changing for the better, kicked hope into high gear, and set me off in the right direction, it was evansville that captured my heart.

i met the world's most amazing people in that town. and that i'm from there is proof that i really am as awesome as i think i am. those people, along with the love they found in one another and in community, and then shared with us (the campaign staff) freely, restored my faith in humanity.

i think about them all the time. some of the things they said to me still ring in my ears and keep me focused, balanced, and moving forward (even when it's really hard). i will never forget how much they love gave me. and i sure hope they know my love for them is as strong today is it was the day i followed kbd-l to south dakota.


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