04 March 2010

vietnamese fortune

i think i've mentioned before that i think it's fucked up that my favorite vietnamese cafe ends the meal with a fortune cookie? regardless of the cultural fuckuppery, i still read the thing every time, and heed its word. tonight's read, "look for the dream that keeps coming back. it is your destiny."

interesting. especially since the recent fortune cookies have had bullshit fortunes. crap like, "you're pretty" or "stupid is as stupid does". but today's, and after a day that marked itself with a stamp of insanity of epic proportion...

the fun factory is spinning nuts right now. family drama is in some alternate universe that i'm trying to get my arms around. i'm head over tits for someone in another time zone, wondering how that's all going to shake out. and i kinda got an unofficial, interest-checking kind of job offerish today. and we're talking dream job territory here. one that'll work really well wherever i want to be (geographically), so long as i make it work.

if only it were that simple. sigh.

no matter what happens with any of the above, all of this craziness, the stress and wonder, is really an amazing testament to my faith in karma. i have shamelessly asked from the universe, and have given back in kind with love, positivism, optimism, and hope. and it lets me write my own ticket.

if only i knew which one to write. and if only freddy krueger wasn't the key player in the only dream that keeps coming back, maybe i'd know my destiny...


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  1. It might help ease the pain to know that fortune cookies originated in Japan, and are virtually unknown in China.